I'm Daniel Hardy, a full time web developer and designer with a degree in Graphic Design: New Media from the University College for the Creative Arts in Epsom, currently working for Kehorne.

My passion for web design comes from a pursuit of the moment when a design idea or concept comes fully into focus for both designer and client because of a subtle change or small addition to the work.

I use this site and domain as a bit of a lab to keep tinkering with new ideas and concept. The most recent version is designed as an overview of my various other domains and sites.

Kehorne Blog

Behind the Scenes: Building Our New Company Web Site

The process of re-designing and building our company website began several months ago. We had a number of reasons for wanting to refresh and re-invigorate our site. As a general rule it is a good idea to consider a refresh every 1-2 years to avoid looking dated and to ensure that the message conveyed is in–line with current business offerings.

Can't Shut Up About

What Kind Of Day Has It Been

For a few people, the title of this will already give you a strong indication of what this is going to be about. For the rest, heres a ‘previously’. In all of Aaron Sorkin’s first 3 TV shows, the final episode of season has been titled ‘What Kind Of Day Has It Been’...


David Fury Tweets Regarding ‘Live Another Day’

Not much has been heard from official channels about ‘Live Another Day’, but one of the writers David Fury has been tweeting little bits of information of the past few months. Below is a summary. Note that these are from a period of several months and things do change, so take everything with a pinch of salt.

And Smiled Blog

put your hands in your pockets, looked away and smiled

I get a lot of odd looks when I mention the domain name andsmiled.com, so I thought I would explain.



If you have any comments about my work or if you’d like to make an enquiry about my freelance services, please feel free to contact me via email on dan [at] andsmiled.com